No longer sick but still tired

well we seem to be over the sickness and mostly over the tiredness but I am still troubled with exhaustion. Strange really just had it for about 10 weeks, I wonder what happened??!!

Little Pip has a new nickname owing to his ever expanding girth - Buster - not sure if it will stick but we'll give it a try.

Steve took me to Ikea today, luckily we were on a time limit as we had to pick Munch up from school. I'm not sure if it is me, or if I have been to Ikea too many times over the years or if it is because I am tired but the stuff there seems mostly a bit shabby now. I had high hopes for storage solutions for various areas in the house. Being really cheap I didn't want to spend a lot and was very upset when some plastic storage boxes were nearly £15 - the stuff I was going to store in them wasn't worth that much. So we got a few bits, I now know where the store is in Milton Keynes so can go once Steve is back to work without getting lost or ending up in Oxford.

MK also has a huge ASDA right next door to Ikea and a short drive away is a big Tesco, M&S, Next, TK Maxx etc - huge retail places without having to go to MK Centre - gotta be worth a visit once Pip is a bit older and not on 3 hourly feeds.

We went to the park last week. Part of my 'must get out and get some air' thing which normally lasts about 3 days.

Pics of the boys doing what they do best - eating and making a mess.


sick and tired

we've all been sick this past day and coupled with the inevitable sleeplessness with the baby now I've aught him to depend on me for getting to sleep rather than himself has added to the mix somewhat.

But the good news is I have new shoes! I saw a post on Donna Downeys blog and dooce's blog too a while back with a pic of all these shoes and the other day I decided to investigate......

after a little web ferreting I found what I was looking for - I got them in a more sedate light blue rather than the vibrant orange and they only took a day to come. They are as light as a feather and very comfortable once you get used to the whole rubber thing going on. Yeah and they smell a little when you first get them out but I have been wearing them all day and they are way comfortable. That is saying a lot from me as I find it hard to find comfortable shoes (not that I spend a lot of time looking).

Now I can iron all day and wear my crocs! literally I have 5 loads of washing to do and still have another 3 loads that needs ironing.

and I need to prep a scrap class for Sunday - that will probably be done on saturday night at this rate


Major Party Panic

Had a major party panic today - the toy that I thought was ok for a 4 year old turned out on closer inspection to suitable for a 7 year old and with 15 minutes before party attendee was going to be picked up I had to root around the present box (thank the lord for present stashing) and dig out some old tut some poor child will open later on today.

The card was done even quicker - truck stickers thrown on in a mishapen 4 - i hope it looked like a 3 year old had done it rather than a 40 year old.

Oldest went to the natural history museum today, lets hope he had a good time...he's back just this minute.


how on earth does this thing work?

silly me. i thought that all the formatting and the pretty stuff that pple do to their blogs was like Word or something. apparently not.

I want to get a nice pretty header for my blog but can't work out how - the whole html thing scares the heebeegeebees out of me and i don't have time to learn at the moment (not with a 6 week old baby and a 3 year old ninja downstairs).

it is so sunny here it is stupid - no doubt by the time the school run comes round it will be torrential rain - keeps us on our toes.


scrapping stuff

and so to scrapbooking......

i am going to note down photo inspiration here so it doesn't get all jumbled up with my ordinary photos.

I really like this jacket of Sam's - I thought the fabric lettering would make a really cool title for a layout.
and this wall hanging thing...
I might do a 4 seasons mini book using the stylised tree/sky/grass shapes - use patterned paper for the tree and bazzill for the sky and grass.


new beginnings old story

my first blog. my first post. but. my third baby.

born on the 17th Feb 2006 at 00:005am at 32 weeks.
He spent 1 weeks in the NICU and 2 weeks in Special Care.
He's been home for 3 weeks.