a few more days in and it feels normal

well it feels normal enough not to want to chew the arms of the sofa and drink 18 gallons of full fat milk.

I have a couple of rocky WW days - yesterday I made some chocolate crispies for the kids and got so overwhelmed by the whole melted chocolate thing that I had to lick the spoon and bowl several times. If only this had fixed my craving, but no I had to go the whole hog and actually eat a whole chocolate crispie. Stupidly I decided that foregoing lunch would make up for this transgression (stupid stupid what am I?15?). I then ate Sam's leftover cripsie when he decided that he didn;t like them (he is such a chocolate purist the heathen). I had broccoli soup and ryvita for dinner, everyone else had spag bol but I had donated bits here and there and there ended up being not quite enough for me.

No gym today as I was looking after my friends children, I missed it desparately - I cannot do it at home or early in the morning. I'll see if Hubby will let me out tomorrow to do it.

Scrapped twice - one a scraplift of the brilliant Margaret Scarborough and the other a total disaster! I'm not proud I'll get them scanned in and I'll put them up here. I'm just glad I've used a bit more of the stash mountain that I plan to add to this Sunday!!

Sam had his shirt signed by Leon Barnett at the footpall presentation evening. What a coup!!


Hot Glue

Remind me to not touch glue from a hot glue gun. It blisters and removes skin.

The result was worth it though as it helped to transform a black plastic and very cheap (£3) Ikea chair into a still cheap chair that now looks cheerful!

pics later


Week 2 of Getting my Sh*t Together

Yes indeed week 2, weeko two-oh etc etc.

A hard week in a lot of ways but mainly on the 'not being able to eat food constantly' way. I stuck to the plan and the plan paid off, I lost 6lb at WW. I am still a bit stunned by it, stunned by the fact that I did it myself through sheer will power and exercise. The danger now is not to get complacent. Most of what came off was probably water and I need to keep up the game this week. We are off the a bad start but for good reasons (well not good reasons really I could have just put that spoon straight in the washing up), I made Fluffy Grandad a Coffee and Walnut cake today for his birthday so I had to lick the bowl and the spoon. Twice. I had to test the walnut pieces. Several times. This is why I don't make cakes, cake batter is simply Ambrosia - you know the food of the gods - it was too much of a draw and the spoon was simply too close to my mouth to enable a swfit bypass into the washing up. Oh well, onwards and upwards.

Week 3 of the Couch to 5k programme is hard:-

  • 5 min warm up

  • 90sec running, 90 sec walking

  • 3 min runnung, 3 min walking

  • repeat

It's a great programme as it pushes you to just your limit and then lets you walk. Yesterday I could just about do it, I normally jog at 7.2kph (most pple walk faster than that) and I did that bar the last 2 minutes running where my legs felt like jelly, I had to slow to 6.9kph. But I don't feel a failure as I still completed it, albeit slowly. How can it be failure when i am hauling my lardy arse around for 30 minutes? I feel good about it and good about myself doing it - this doesn't happen very often, so pat me on the back when you see me.

Week 4 looks very scarey as I have to run for 5 minutes straight. I may repeat week 3 again if I am not happy on Friday (my last gym session of the week).

Tiddly is in biggo trouble, he logged into an online kids chat room that he is addicted to but as one of his friends. He typed out a swear word and got his friend banned for an hour. This is not good and he had been punished, but it is getting harder and harder to make him care. How do you make them care? he simply could not give a hoot. Maybe he likes the attention? who knows. I know that 8 year old boys are a tricky bunch to fathom and I'm going to have to do it twice more!! Munch is a peanut and actually saught out a maths book to complete yesterday, Tiddly used to run as far as he could from them, but little Munch, the boy who struggles to be understood, who can take a beating from a friend or brother and not moan about it, who struggles with his core words all the time who forgets them as soon as he's seen them, he actually loves numbers. Pip is a little pip, learning from his brothers, getting into all sorts of scarey scrapes considering he's only just 1 and not yet walking - his favourite being getting into places where Mummy can't reach him. Fun game that, usually played near electrical sockets during dinner preparation when I am at my most hassled. Pip loves to be read to, particularly a little book given to us by the Health Visitor which in this early reading book sheme. It's called 'I love it when...' and inside describes a few scenarios with penguin illustrations. Ok it's cute the first time, but not so much the 101st time.

Tiddly was a Lion in his class assembly - he's wearing Munchers t-shirt, much to his chagrin!


Yet another beginning

I have been going to the gym and trying to run on the treadmill whilst maintaining my eating frenzy at home, I came to the unedifying realisation that nothing is going to change unless I take drastic action. Normally I shy away from drastic action as it's all too much like hard work, but I know what has to be done I just have to knuckle down and do it.

So last night I went back to WW, a horrifying weigh in that was treated with tact and discretion and the company of a very good friend made it ok. I hate having to plan food like it was a military operation, but my problem is I eat and eat and eat, I forget what I've had and eat some more. Token efforts down the gym aren't gonna fix this Big Momma, no siree Bob.

Other triggers for action are:-

  • had to take a self portrait for a online photo course I am taking and could not get one decent one, even after copious rearrangements of my form

  • my niece is getting married in 10 weeks, if I want to enjoy myself without feeling like a fat bird in a fat birds dress I have to get my groove on and stop eating so much.

Hubby is supportive but busy with lots of other things, kids couldn't give a monkeys what I look like and I've run out of people to moan to.

So, here's to Day 1 of taking myself in hand.

I also plan to run 5k around our school playing field to raise money for charity, not run fast or anything but run without stopping, obviously it's an organised thing, even I do not have the chutzpah required woblle along on my own.

At the gym today I went onto week 2 of the couch-to-5k plan (I sort of did week 1 during the last 2 weeks):

  • run for 90 seconds walk for 2 minutes for 20 minutes.

Sound easy? not on your life! maybe it's the bulk I am having to run with but I really suffered. The good thing is that it made me realise that I work best working to goals - lose weight for the wedding/run the 5k at school etc etc. It would have been really easy to give up or to take it really easy, but no-one ever said that running was easy, especially at the start and I am now one determined lady.

In other news....