Lovely day, shame about the weather

Had a lovely day today, spending most of it at a friends for her birthday. Have managed to actually scrap a page and take a couple of decent photos. Baby is sleeping (have probably jinxed it by mentioning it). All is well with the world until tomorrow when I find I look gross in a new dress for a Christening.



We've been sorting out loads of stuff in the house, getting rid of the junk, being horrified by the amount of useless paraphenalia in the loft etc
To this end I've sorted out my craft stash. I have so much and it's not all used at all, it's such a waste. If I were to do one of those tests that show the frequency in which you use things mine would be something like:

  • blue bazzill
  • chatterbox
  • basic grey
  • photo cement
  • guillotine
  • buttons
  • brads

and that's about it - so why do i have stamping stuff, die cutting stuff, oodles of paper, oodles of cardstock in colours I'll never use, tons of embelishments, pens, paints blah blah blah

It is so easy to get sucked into the newest product and the latest fad despite it not being to your taste or suiting your style (believe me you do develop a style). All that money would be better spent on my kids or ideas books by the simple scrapbook people - i love that mag, its the only one that sings to me.

All this won't stop me buying into the trends, but maybe I should revisit this post once in a while to remind myself that I am doing this for my family and my children, so they have a taste of what their mother loved doing along with some funny little freaky tales of their lives when they were young. They won't care that I didn't use the most up to date range of papers or techniques, so I shouldn't either!

Bleating over, will post up pic of layout once I've got some printer ink and finished it.


no, I really mean it, sleep is totally for wimpoids

Friday afternoon and early evening were the afternoon and evening from hell. Really they were. Little Pip had his jabs (all 8 or so toxic live things jabbed into his poor little pork chop leg and he only cried a little bit because Mummy was holding him so hard he was confused and didn't know which hurt more which cancelled out the crying) and we had expected that he'd be unwell and cranky that day and the day after.
I could go into detail but on reflection it's not that interesting, it just cemented my desire for him to go into his cot and what I needed to do to get him there. He did sleep there that night, waking every couple of hours, but it was good to have the bed back.
Saturday we had friends round so it was hectic and I fell asleep on the sofa and he came into bed again.
It's a step forward as he'd not really slept at all in his cot until these past couple of days.

Sharon took some lovely pics


sleep is for wimps

baby had one of his infamous ,'I'll not settle down at all' spells at around 4am - the if I'm not sleeping then she's not sleeping kind of game.

Hubby found me drewling on the sofa with a comatose baby at 7:15am and felt suffuciently sorry to leave me in my sorry state til 7:45am giving me about 30 seconds to have a shower and get ready before the school run!

Gotta love that rushing around like a wild banshee.

Have been inspired by the thing that is very popular. Kind of like schoolgirl doodlings but in an arty way. Will post a pic of my tiddlers first year journal when I get a chance - it's in a freestyle kind of style.


Big Guy!

so Pip went to baby clinic today - he weighed in at a massive 9lb 13oz - this is a 5lb12oz gain on his birth weight in 10 weeks and 5 days. No wonder all those 'up to 9lb' baby grows are very snug on him. I foresee a little babygro and baby vest shopping in the offing.
He's been a bit difficult to settle this afternoon and evening so I am going to write down when he eats and sleeps to see if there is a pattern - seems to me his pattern is 'lets grunt from 1am through to 5am so Mummy doesn't get any sleep' - I am going to attempt to Baby Whisper my way out of this or spend a few quid and phone the sleep clinic place (like I did with Munch) before I have a nervous breakdown ;)


so I am not sure that how 'special' that box is comes across in that last post, so here it is in more detail (i.e. cropped).
The lid of the box is stamped with mini silver medallion stamps and in the middle of those the name 'catimini' is cut out (the blue behind is tissue paper).

This is such a cool idea for a card or for a scrapbook page. I am contemplating getting a medallion stamp specifically for this purpose.


scrapping inspiration

some friends came over yesterday and bought little Pip something really posh to wear. Of course I liked the packaging better!

I plan a simple LO like the pic on the bag with a couple of Pip pics and some Basic Grey.