Loving the Lazy

Well Xmas is over apart fom all of the 'additional' food bought that lies half eaten in the cupboard (chocolate, chocolate biscuits, yule log, xmas cake, stolen (who the hell bought stolen?)). We are all feeling a little bit lazy and cabin feverish but unwilling to haul our butts from in front of the tv to do useful and interesting thing.
Hubby has gone looking for a new car seeing as I wrote off the old one by skidding into it in my car in the rain. The poor thing was so old the insurance company would not fix it.
I am going to do our thank you notes now, before time gets in the way and makes me forget.
I am also going to Whittlebury Hall next weekend for an OVERNIGHT stay. I haven't been anywhere without a kid for a min of 2 years, I hope I remember my manners.
I am also off to play with PS Elements - see if I can get it downloaded onto my laptop - my lovely friend Sharon bought it for me for my birthday and I haven't managed to install it successfully yet.


Is it Over Yet?

These are the outtakes. Remind me to bribe them next time. Oh and not to have a 'helpful' art director.

I have managed so far to not hit the shops in a big way, yet at the same time get most of my shopping done. How so? why on the internet of course.

And the internet is also the reason I am so far behind on everything else Christmas related. I have only made about 20 handmade cards this year, last year I made them all. Last year the kids Christmas photo was on the special family cards, this year they are just printed inserts in about 5 cards!

I spend all my time on here looking at everyone elses cool Crimbo preparations whilst not doing any of mine. Ho hum, I still have a few days i suppose.

If I am to get anything done in the future I am going to have to give myself about 3 months lead time.


Lisa Vollrath

Lisa Vollrath is offering free Christmas countdown images here. Wonderful stuff for ATC's and altered art.


My Husband isn't like this (much) but my sons are....


Is this mugging for the camera?

I hate flash, so put a white sock on my camera flash to see if it made a difference. My lens doesn't like this time of year, may have to go back to kit lens. Am wanting pin sharp pic and am getting nastiness instead.


Advent Swap - A Scrappers Delight

I am taking part in an advent swap within my little team over on UKS, we've done it for a couple of years now and it's truly a wonderful thing.
Here's how it works......

  • You list your likes/dislikes
  • You get a swapee given to you by the organiser
  • You look at what your swapee likes/dislikes
  • You go shopping
  • You panic at how close it is to Dec
  • You panic you haven't wrapped anything
  • You panic you haven't got a wrapping/tag strategy (we're talking crafters here people)
  • You get everything wrapped & tagged but not as you'd wish
  • You panic you haven't got a box large enough
  • You panic that your Hubby might see how much you've spent
  • You fling your kids into the car and hurtle towards the Post Office at dangerous speeds
  • You Post the Box
  • You relax
  • You receive a HUGE box from your swaper
  • You wait til Dec 1
  • You unwrap a little present each day til Dec 25 and revel in the gorgeousness that you receive each day and are thankful for being a scrapbooker with even more stash

I'll update my banner every 5 days to show you 5 days of gorgeousness.