These are the outtakes. Remind me to bribe them next time. Oh and not to have a 'helpful' art director.

I have managed so far to not hit the shops in a big way, yet at the same time get most of my shopping done. How so? why on the internet of course.

And the internet is also the reason I am so far behind on everything else Christmas related. I have only made about 20 handmade cards this year, last year I made them all. Last year the kids Christmas photo was on the special family cards, this year they are just printed inserts in about 5 cards!

I spend all my time on here looking at everyone elses cool Crimbo preparations whilst not doing any of mine. Ho hum, I still have a few days i suppose.

If I am to get anything done in the future I am going to have to give myself about 3 months lead time.