died & gone to jewellry heaven

Jaq has more talent in her little finger than i have in my whole body in my whole lifetime, she deserves to sell her stuff in Liberty's.

I have been doing some creating but don't feel locked into a groove yet. I can really only scrap in short spurts, but as i don't plan anything I generally have to finish in these short spans of time that I have otherwise I lose the feel for it. I don't go back to pieces after time and rediscover them, it has to be now or never which is pretty much how I approach life really - the problem is without planning I start something i am not happy with at the end and I don't have the stuff I want to give me the look I need! Man I sound like John Prescott 9as well as looking like him that's bad news)

anyway - here we are - the latest few creations - I amy not be happy with them but the kids love 'em and that's why I do all this


Must have got caught in a time warp

I didn't realise I had't posted - not that I have a huge audience.

Managed to do some scrapping during the past few days - nothing like a deadline to get my bottom in gear. I've also realised I really want
Cathy Zeilske's new book BADLY. I really dig the simple style and the 8.5 x 11 format. I'll put it on my weighty wish list for my birthday.

Summer holidays have officially started here, which means ferrying the kids, mainly Sam, to various courses and activities that mean they don't drive me crazy. Well actually I love having them home, their play makes me smile - they could make a game out of anything those 2 boys. Sam is totally into making stuff and keeping it nice, Munch is more destructive. We are hoping it's just his age, but the mischevious glint in his eye means I never trust him and never leave him alone with anything unless I'm prepared to face the consequences. He's totally into stickers at the moment and knows where the sticker tin is, so if I were to leave him alone with Pip, for say 2 minutes, I'd come back to find a totally stickered up baby....

Tried to do some gardening today, pretty difficult when the boys are having a water fight and the baby is whining. I decided nothing is worth keeping and I am going to hack it all down. Everything is dead from the lack of consistent rain, I am so glad I didn't buy annuals.

The next 2 weeks will consist of running Sam & Munch to swimming, footie (Sam) & tennis -ah the holidays - don't ya just love 'em!!


I have been buying stash and not using it (what happened to my stash diet? who knows??) - but hopefully I will use them soon - they are staples - white rub ons and Queen & Co brads. I got them at A Million Little Things

The weather has been hot, but I still took Sam to footie - we melted but I got a nice shot of Munch by the school wall where they have painted pictures on.

I have been digging about and doing some reading - I love the way
Tara Whitney proofs her pics and I know she uses itty bitty actions. BUT I found something similar mentioned on UKS and downloaded it and used it on the pic above. I love it! it is so funky and really gives the pics a wow factor. It is Peta Mazey's action loaded on the I Love Photography Forum - you need to register and then search for 'Petas Action then when the search string comes back look for the post entitled 'A Quick Action' .

I have bought itty bitty actions before and they are superb (my birth announcement and christening cards were done using her 'announcement' actions, but I didn't want to pay for something I might not use/like so I wanted to 'suck it and see' as the saying goes. I would love her to do her workshop workshop maybe I might get it for my birthday.....


baby in the big chair

took these yesterday!

the chair is a normal size, it's the Bab that is tiny

this is basically all I see when he is awake - tongue, mouth & hands in close proximity to former

Elvis has not left the building apparently.......


he found his hands

Pips hands found each other yesterday, I hadn't noticed as I was busy watching tv and ignoring him as usual...not really I was probably shouting at Sam and Munch when I noticed Pip had both his hands together in his mouth. No mean feat as he usually can fit only one fist in there but I think the constant practise has widened his mouth ready for the double whammy.

He had his jabs too which made him a little antsy but he still slept through last night. I expressed milk last night in readiness for giving him a bottle (I am supposed to be going to Spain for a 40th) I gave Steve the bottle tonight to give to him and to my horror he took to it like a duck to water, it wasn't supposed to be like this he was supposed to make it hard so I wouldn't be able to leave him, so I finished the feed and he was away with the fairies. So now I have to express like the proverbial cow - enough for 1-2 bottles a day plus storing milk for freezer to little Pip does not starve whilst I am away.

Munch still has his rash - it is spreading. I am not sure what it is - he's ok in himself ( a bit more ready to cry but I was thinking that was tiredness). To me it looks a bit like a rubella rash. What do you think?


Jabs & rashes

Fortunately neither topics in the header relate to myself, more my smallest 2 boys. Pip had his jabs today, being the Rambo tough nut he is he didn't even cry with the first one he sucked up the pain and just cried once on the second jab. What a hero! Now we just have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't react to the shots. He's now full of tetanus, diptheria, whooping cough, HepC (I think)and Hibs.

We went to see and book the venue for the christening, all was cool and fine until we left when Munch burst into tears for no reason. He couldn't tell me what was wrong but when I looked at him he was all red and his arms were covered in a red blotchy rash. I went straight back to the docs and saw a nurse. She suspects a viral rash but we need to keep an eye on him.. I've given him some antihistamine medicine to help with the skin thing.

this afternoon Sam is in an end of year show - so not much time to scrap, but for once thanks to a lady on UKS and her
lovely work I am brimming with ideas.


how many hula hoops?

yes a whole packet, a big packet, a huge packet - not sure why I ate them all but eat them all I did. Now I sit here in my post hula hoop haze wondering why I did it. Not that I am going to beat myself up about it - it's happened so lets move on.

To be honest I would not have mentioned it had I not been stuck for a title for this entry.

Dooce- god she knows how to make me laugh.

I really should be doing my CV now, is there nothing as devastating as not remembering what your job title was, or what you did in the last year of working, of what your unit was called or when you started your last job? but how bad has it gotta be to be rejected? watch this space!!

I am planning Pips christening here - we had Munchers christening there too and it was awesome.
I am also planning our summer itinerary - basically it means booking the kids onto course so they don't drive me round the bend. To be honest they are fantastic kids, even the baby is no trouble - Sam is a total grown up and is responsible and kind, Munch is a bit wild but will do anything as long as his big brother is around and Pip just kind of fits in. Sam is doing football and tennis, Munch is doing mini tennis, hopefully they are both doing swimming crash courses and they are def doing go-karting. Steve has a week off too at some point. I am hoping we are going to stay at home as travelling with the kids will be uncomfortable and stressful - two I could deal with but baby too is a bit too much. We already have 2007 booked
here simply the most beautiful place we have ever been - we've been going on and off since about 1992.

Photo of the week


Another Milestone in a little Boys life

Munch turned 4 yesterday. I still remember his birth and what a lovely little baby he was. Smiling at 3 weeks, no hair for a year, a cheeky glint in his eye.

He is turning into a little character. Maybe middle ones do, out of the shadow of an older brother and away from the glare of a new baby brother. He finishes Kindergarten on Thursday and spends some time at his new school on Friday. By the end of September it will be just me and Pip all day. No doubt I will manage to waste time like the professional slacker that I am.

This heat hasn't made me feel very crafty - plus Pip has been more wakeful and moving a bit more. On his little mat today he is bending and kicking his legs - not much longer til a tummy roll I think. He has definitely found his hands and stuffs them in his mouth most of the time.

We had the most fierce hailstorm yesterday, so much so the school was closed and I have had Sam at home for the day. It's been nice and he's a good boy - I probably won't be saying this by the end of the summer but at least I've said it once.

Here is the main man with his brother and his present from us. It's been raining steadily since he got it yesterday - enough said.