yes a whole packet, a big packet, a huge packet - not sure why I ate them all but eat them all I did. Now I sit here in my post hula hoop haze wondering why I did it. Not that I am going to beat myself up about it - it's happened so lets move on.

To be honest I would not have mentioned it had I not been stuck for a title for this entry.

Dooce- god she knows how to make me laugh.

I really should be doing my CV now, is there nothing as devastating as not remembering what your job title was, or what you did in the last year of working, of what your unit was called or when you started your last job? but how bad has it gotta be to be rejected? watch this space!!

I am planning Pips christening here - we had Munchers christening there too and it was awesome.
I am also planning our summer itinerary - basically it means booking the kids onto course so they don't drive me round the bend. To be honest they are fantastic kids, even the baby is no trouble - Sam is a total grown up and is responsible and kind, Munch is a bit wild but will do anything as long as his big brother is around and Pip just kind of fits in. Sam is doing football and tennis, Munch is doing mini tennis, hopefully they are both doing swimming crash courses and they are def doing go-karting. Steve has a week off too at some point. I am hoping we are going to stay at home as travelling with the kids will be uncomfortable and stressful - two I could deal with but baby too is a bit too much. We already have 2007 booked
here simply the most beautiful place we have ever been - we've been going on and off since about 1992.

Photo of the week