On Holiday, may never come back if the sun shines

these are pics from our last visit to Sennen in 2005, we have been going on and off since 1993 always staying at the same house.

The most beautiful thing is the view doesn't change, nor do the sunsets and it's invigorating to realise that there are a few spots in the UK that are still to be treasured.



I'm not sure why I get excited about going to Ikea - the anticipation is greater than the actuality, and that includes giving birth.

We went tonight, got lost as usual trying to find it in Milton Keynes, got there with me hyperventilating as we 'only' had 2 and a half hours to get round it. In the end we left at 9:30pm still speaking, so that must be a record on many counts.
We were on a hunt for the boys fleapit tip, it's a right royal mess and I don't help things by not helping them tidy up. It doesn't help to have the worlds most untidy 5 year old sharing with a lego obsessed 8 year old.
So we went looking for suitable storage...

The CD tower is for their DVD's and CD's - Munch said and I quote "Does that mean we can have a tv in our bedroom now? we are getting bigger", this was batted down with a swift and decisive "Ask you Daddy" by me.

We also bought some wire drawer storage for our collapsed bedroom wardrobe inners - we've been living in such a pigsty for months because we have too much stuff and not enough storage. It's got to be the crappest design of house ever or we are total junk hounds.

So Hubby has managed to build all the bits today and I am left reeling with shock, he normally takes his sweet time over things.

in other news, I have ordered a Dell Laptop for my birthday. Of course it's a total extravagance and there are bells and wireless whistles that need to be bought too, but it means I can web ferret downstairs and not fight with the kids over access to the main pc upstairs. Hubby said he'll use it too even though it'll be green!



These were the bags I made for the teachers. They are all lined with internal pockets and 2 have popper pockets too - how adventurous!

I am still 'into' sewing and dearly want to make anything by Amy Butler, esp the weekender bag.

I love the big brown floral fabric - I still have some, just want to do something useful with it.