I did it!

It wasn't fast, pretty or remotely athletic but I ran the Bushmead 5k. In 40 mins 9 secs. Given that previous efforts (all 2 of them had time of 59mins in 1999 I

think and 56 or so mins in 2005 I think) I did ok. Darling Hubby ran with me, Darling Eldest Son beat me by a lap. Smallest sons stayed sheltered from the rain and wondered what was going on.


I knew I'd be blue. But is is accurate? not sure about the tackiness but the rest of it sounds familiar.

I'm blue but now 14lb less blue than I was 7 weeks ago.

Munch learned to ride his bike at the weekend, pics when I can catch the little rascal!

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oh how I love today

because today this plopped onto my doormat.

It's a constant source of inspiration and gives me a kick in the pants creatively as this month I've mostly been watching US Crime Shows (CSI, CSI:New York, Criminal Minds) plus US Hospital shoes (House, Greys Anatomy) and US Fantasy shows (Heroes). It doesn't leave a lot of time for scrapping let me tell you.

So, as my butt gets larger whilst watching these shows, my hoard of stash is not magically diminishing itself, nor is the ironing getting done either.

I also bought these a couple of days ago:-
Amy Karols 'Bend The Rules Sewing' rocks the house down. Well explained, good diagrams and funky ideas. What more could you ask for? I am going to make everything in here except the hairband (I'm too old for hair bands) and the dog collar (although I might make it for Barney if he promises not to eat Pip next time we're up Jackie!!)

The Fabric Gifts book doesn't rock my world I'm afraid, it's not folksy enough for me and is a bit too precious. I wouldn't be able to afford the fabrics and the designs just aren't me.
and Radiohead? I love 'em. This album may be a gazillion years old but I haven't had money in a gazzillion years and I could only buy their albums when i had money and time to listen. Well now I still don't have money but this was under £5 and I can listen to it whilst pounding away at the gym.
Talking of pounding, I took a right pasting yesterday afterschool. Don't worry I wasn't set upon by Year 6 or anything, I went to train for the 5k which is in 2 Saturdays time. I have been doing 4k at the gym, albeit running/walking and felt quite comfortable. But oh my word running OUTSIDE, in the REAL WORLD, with HILLS, WIND and lots of other (mainly small) people is terrifying. I was basically last but stayed the course. I foresee a lot of grinding of teeth and sweat in my future.
Oh and weight wise - I stayed the same this week (must have been the packet of jaffa cakes and Chinese Takeaway at the weekend??????) but have still lost a total of 12lb. Not too shabby eh? I'm still a tub of lard though, just a slightly smaller one.


and in other news

Pip tolerates a haircut

I am trying to hone my face painting skills for Saturdays Fun Day

This was the boys at 4am this morning after 'I've had a nightmare' wakeups for those that can speak. They thought it was party time, I thought about ringing their necks.
This was Sam in June 2003 - I totally rock!!!!


ready, steady, wobble

and he's off........

(forgive blurry shots, I have forgotten how to use my camera)
He's all 'get out of my way, I am walking over to grab the remote and switch off that darn tv'.
Whilst not greased lightening yet, he still decides to walk in the strangest of circumstances. Seeing as we are bad parents we have not bothered with a baby gate and therefore have to have eyes in our arses from now on.
Lots of 'WATCH PIPPY' can be heard in the morning upstairs in our house let me tell you.


and the beat goes on

not sure why I have that song in my head as it's a. old and b. not my thing music wise. I'm also not sure I should admit to liking Natasha Bedingfield, but as her music is on every beauty and cosmetic related advert on tv it's either a love or hate thing really.

We are back in the swing of things with school and gym. It's a bit sad to say that I am quite glad that the boys are back at school, but it has saved my sanity. It must drive them nuts as well being at home all day with boring Mummy and Pip who needs a 2 hour sleep at lunchtime, but I'm sure I am not the only one.

Running wise I'm struggling, but when have I ever done anything else but struggle. Sharon will tell you of the time in 1988 when she ran round the block with me when I was trying to get fit for my RAF medical (I passed medical, but failed Officer interview) when she thought she might have to dial for an ambulance such was my sorry assed state. I was 4 stone lighter then as well. Scarey huh?

I am managing to run for 6min, walk 2, run 5, walk 2, run 5, walk 2, run 2, collapse. I think being so heavy is not helping progression so I am going to stick with run 6, walk 2 three times till I have lost some weight which will be hard given I've eaten badly for much of the week. I am wondering how I can get out of going to WW on Monday, am thinking of feigning diptheria.

I did lose 2.5lb last week bringing the total up to 9.5lb so it's not all bad.

I am feeling more organised than I was, which basically means I've either used some material that has been hanging around for about 28 years, or I have done some crafting, or that I have tidied up. Seeing as you know about the bag and only 1 card has been made then I must have tidied up. Doesn't happen often but I am getting very fed up with clutter and lego. I am sure the kids think lego is a short name for lego as they hear it mostly referred to as 'bloody lego' but I am old and my tolerance is not high. No excuses. Their recklessless mess making drives me crazy, their infringement of Pip's space (his room) and their disregard for their poor aged mothers frayed nerves as they race through the house with swords or balls or knives. Again, I know I am not the only one.

We have had some lovely weekends recently, not least last weekend which was frighteningly civilised and the kids managed not to break anything of note.

When Hubby went to Windsor he actually took some nice 'scrapping' images, I was deeply impressed.

of course, I take better photos...


in other news

I am never making cauliflower and broccoli soup again, it is the rankest of the rank. Even ryvita seems attractive after eating that green goo.

Also in other other news I have moved from the couch to 5k running plan to Bob Glovers running plan as it was kinder and 2 weeks longer (I need kindness and those extra 2 weeks believe me).
Last week I ran:-

  • warm up 5 min
  • run 5 min
  • walk 2 min
  • run 5 min
  • walk 2 min
  • run 5 min
  • ring 999 and ask for oxygen and defib.

I only managed to get to the gym once this week (Hubby said I needed a break - he doesn't understand what sort of break I need!) but ran 5 min/walk 2-3min repeated 3 times without too much discomfort. On Monday (weigh in day Have lost 8lb so far having missed last weeks session dur to choc fountain in Staffs) the plan is to:

  • run 6 min
  • walk 90 sec
  • repeat twice more (total running 18 mins)

this should put me on 3.5k. It's a tall order though but I am finding a strict routine is working better than listening to my 'body' - my body has been lying to me about needing chocolate for 30 years - it's not going to tell me the real deal with running now after 4 weeks now is it?

just be grateful I am not allowed to take my phone in the gym so I can't take a pic of my beetroot face after all that exertion (maybe if the locker room is quiet i will give it a go on Mon)


mobile phone pics

for some insane reason I did not take my camera with me when we went to visit a friend and her children near to Wellington where my mother grew up and where my grandparents are buried. Given the fact that our lives are full, busy and complicated we don't visit there as often as we should but the opportunity arose last weekend and we hot footed it up there.
My phone did a decent enough job of it, and at least I didn't take a trillion shots like I normally do.
Pip decided that the piano was his thing. See him on his little tippytoes trying to reach the keys? just be grateful I didn't video the whole noisefest that went on there!

The little guy can't walk yet - I think it is sheer laziness and the guarantee of a pick up that stops him - his brothers think it's the funniest thing in the world to pick him up and we like picking him up because he kicks his legs like a mini-mule until he's put back down again.

a chocolate fountain was also on offer which was the ultimate in cruelty. I didn't abstain though, I just got on with it and forgot about the consequences. I'd be rubbish at AA.

We visited a local 'play' farm, the weather didn't help nor did our not having coats, but the boys found things to interest them (Munch a tractor, Tiddly an Alpaca and Pip was just in his buggy waiting for someone to notice him)

Munch also learnt how to spin wool, the lady sounded just like my Nan which is probably why I love going up there just to hear them all speak,

We went to RAF Cosford, the jewel in the crown of the RAF museums. The weather was totally pants but the museum was nothing short of amazing and worthy of a much longer and more studious visit.

I made a bag for my friends birthday - inspired by House on Hill Road, it's ok and I think she liked it but I learnt a few things (like have enough thread before you start) and will construct it slightly differently next time. I have got my materials out of the loft and having looked at the old curtains I saved (or rather that Hubby saved) I am glad I did - lots of vintage laura ashley stuff that is going to make spiffing bags.
That's if Pip ever sleeps again (I was up all night with the wakeful little blighter last night and was so tired today that I had all my hair cut off whilst I was delirious with tiredness and thought it was a good idea).