did you know that if you never clean out your toaster that the mountain of crumbs that collect inside it eventually set alight whilst you are toasting some more of the perpetual toat mountain that goes on in this house?
Don't worry nothing burnt, blew up, incinerated or was harmed in any way but man you should have seen the huge pile of crumbs I shook out of that toaster. I could have fed half of Kenya on that stuff.
lots of unimportant stuff going on here, more of the same old, same old but at least the weather is good. I am doing my nieces wedding invites and as usual have left it to the last minute to get them done. Nothing like a deadline to galvanise the spirit!

But in the time honoured fashion of timewasting i give you some pics......


Back from our Hols

We are back. A little more tanned (or red & freckled in my case), a little more worn out and a little more of a closer family than before. The boys love spending time with their Daddy on holiday, I am usually left to do the cooking, cleaning and bathtimes! It makes me realise how little time he gets to spend with them during the week, so I don't mind too much, it's been a long time since it's been the 'me, me, me' show and I like it that way.

Congratulations to Marja and Kirk on the birth of their very cute little girl, Noemie, on the 11th April, I hope all are doing well. Even though Pip is only 1 (well 14 months in 2 days) I couldn't go back to newborn again, not anymore, not with my advanced years. You forget about how tiny and fragile and needy newborn babies are, how exhausting just exisiting can be but also how thrilling.

We have 381 photos of our trip to Eastbourne, home of the Old Dots, many will be discarded in the dustheap that is the 20,000 photos on my hard drive (that I really need to get an external hard drive for) but I am sure that I have some real peaches.

There is so much washing and stuff to do here I must go do it before the baby gets up and Hubby gets back from wherever he went.