I must be an 8 year old boy….

Because this movie rocks…… - Transformers Transformers DVD Transformers Movie Official Site

Screen clipping taken: 29/11/2007, 22:51

i was trying to cheat and blog from MS OneNote but it won't let me insert a screen clipping. But blogging from OneNote is so cool I could wet myself. OneNote is a very cool note taking programme that allows my scrambled brain to divest itself and then kind of sorts it out. Saves having hundred of pieces of paper being lost.



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good or bad - does this sum me up?

When I was younger (i.e. <20) I used to devour my stars, I used to actually beleive there was some truth. I bought books, tried to categorise myslef, tried to spot 'me' in amongst all the banal descriptions. But to no avail, when life started getting too busy to bother about trying to second guess my future I left it all behind. I'm still the one who always wants to know what's around the next corner before we get there though.


Fabulous Etsy Shop Find

From Every Jot & Tittle. Go look at her stuff - mostly Xmas tags - and drool over the loveliness. I think the shop has been featured in a few US Magazines, and rightly so.

Not much new here in Riley Towers, kids have more homework than they know what to do with and try and squeeze it in between eating, the tv, lego and the new nintendo. Speaking of which my brain age has improved from 70 to 56 in one night! Who said Pavlov was wrong !!!!!!

Must take more photos, I'm not even sure where my camera is - still - (sharp intake of breath by all my friends).



  • the radiator in the kitchen (it's hot but is leaking water)
  • the cutlery drawer (our only one - is now being held by masking tape)
  • the hoover (now at the Henry workshop - back on Friday if it is not terminal - too many years of sucking up lego methinks)
  • the little handheld emergency hoover (went kaput and smelled of smoke)
  • my spirit (how much else can go wrong on the two most expensive months of the year?)

Things are falling apart around my ears. let's hope my teeth hang on in there.

no new pics - must find camera, or maybe not - that'll be the next thing that breaks!


Fireworks Night

gotta love working out how to control the shutter speed manually!!



I don't know what the hell I am doing, but I ain't doing it neatly.

Getting a bit fed up of mess, tidying, washing, ironing, hoovering, mess, tidying, washing, mess, tidying, washing, ironing, hoovering, mess, tidying, washing, ironing, hoovering etc etc the circle of my life.

Must admit from the state of the ironing pile it looks like I am skipping out on the whole 'ironing' thing in my circle :)