Just think - I'm going to be saying these things for at least another 15 years....

The Mom Song from Northland Video on Vimeo.

Sent to me by a friend - I'm not as nice as this mum!



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We are always going to know when Christmas is close when the Music School concert dates are posted and I am in a panic as Sam's birthday appraoches too quickly into December.

We always make it with the presents and nativities and the parties - but it's not easy.

Here is my boy - a week away from his 10th bday about to perform in his 1st Christmas concert. Enough to bring a tear to any mothers eye.


Pimp Stich House

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This house was just begging to be made, not just because of the deeply cool blog whose pattern this is, but also because it is super easy to make a lot at once and you can embroider them however you like - even subversively!
I am making a bunch of these for the tree and hopefully for friends in lieu of bought gifts. I am stitching the year on as well, so when I get senile at least I'll know what year I've forgotten.
Am planning on making some square shaped houses too, I'd like to play with my darning foot I bought for my machine and it would be a good project to practise with.


Chinese Coin Quilt

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After wreslting with this for a week or two......ok for not doing anything with the formed coined strips for a week or two, I finally got to grips with quilting and binding it.
I chose not to stitch in the ditch as I wanted some contrast, so chose a diamond grid instead.
I haven't seen any tutorials on how to mark quilts, but had managed to get a silver Quilters Dream pencil and used that. I should not have basted the top to the wadding and back as it was a total bitch to mark (note for future - mark quilt before basting). The pencil was good, but having to draw lines on a soft surface coupled with having to do it on the carpet does not make for a tidy sharp process.
Anyhoo - got it done, everyone likes it. Cannot wait to start the next one!