Kick my butt please and reinstated

I haven't run since Tuesday, I haven't been to the gym for 2 weeks. I sit on the sofa miserable and tired. Someone needs to kick my butt.

In other news they reinstated my running blog - shame I haven't done any exercise.


Gone Right Off the Boil

Haven't run for 3 days and will not be running for the next 2 days either. Hubby is going to Eastbourne for sea breezes, beer and a well earned break so there is no-one to check the little terrors haven't set their bedroom alight or shimmied down a drainpipe using their bedding in the evening.
Not running for the 2 days and my upcoming stint as a face painter at our local school fair is sending me into somewhat of a tailspin, anxiety wise. Although I know it will go ok I am panicking about the details. It is always so busy and there is no let up at all for the 2 hours you are there, it sounds silly to say so, but it is very pressured. I'm not sure I will volunteer next year - this will be my 2nd yr of running the stall and my 4th painting. But no doubt by next year i will have forgotten all this stress and will put my hand up again.
Am going to hop on the bike tonight and cycle me up some mileage to get me out of this funk, I think what they say is true - when you stop running for a while you do feel dreadful.

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My 'Mothers Back Twinge' made a reappearance last night, resulting in a 1.5mile Juneathon walk rather than 'slightly faster than walking' jog. I must have picked Pip up whilst he was trying to escape or drive the car - his two most favourite activities.
Other than that the day was uneventful in the way that days are. Well actually it wasn't, having reminded myself by contorting my torso to look at my bulletin board (see above - it's the thing with writing on above the bibs and bags)
I went to Salto - a local gymnastics club that holds toddler sessions, took Pip and he chased a little friend around for 2.5 hours.
Then I went to a parent/child numeracy session at school, which, in my opinion, has come approx 10 months too late. It's supposed to help you work with your child on maths and give you strategies for coping with their problems. What it did was show you a teachers lesson and how column addition and subtraction was taught to the kids and then get you to practise it with your kids, then talk about it without kids for an hour. I've spent a better 2 hours but will continue to go. I doubt very much any child who is above national average standard will gain anything from it, yet 3/4 of the parents there were parents of high achieveing kids, naturally I don't include myself in that group.
I've also been trying to find my friend who commissioned this bag, to give it to her - she's vanished off the face of the earth!


Still here, still Juneathoning

I have been running each day since the 8th June, just 1.2miles a day but it is movement and it's getting better. Each time we go out we get a few seconds quicker and the last couple of times we have not stopped for a walk break.
Although long term having a rest day between runs is obviously the way to train properly, because we are not running far running everyday isn't a really big deal.
What I have noticed is I feel good after the run rather than wanting to call an ambulance, I feel ok during the run and am not creeping along as much, I am not doing any run 'avoidance' which I had been doing before June.
I have also noticed that my shoes are not comfortable and should I up my mileage I need properly fitted shoes. I am also in need of joggers and t-shirts - but don't want to buy a big size so will wear what I have until it falls off me in shreds!

In other news - have started sewing a bag for a private 'commission' and bought some fab 100% cotton fabric that was £2 a metre! bargains! teachers totes here we come!!


Sunday - the Big One

Still persuading hubby on camera club thing. Maybe he makes sure his job is safe before his wife starts cavorting with camera lenses and tripods? and maybe i get through June and the juneathon before I commit to something else.

Went for a 2.5miler today, Sam came with me as well as Chappers. We decided a morning run fitted our schedules better (you know, the one with washing, ironing, getting food for family and cleaning up bodily fluids schedule). It was warm with a nice breeze and bouyed by yesterdays good 1 mile we started out good. Lots of walking and poor Sam being injured made out time 37:29. When I looked on my board to see how it compared it was the fastest we'd done it. Even with 5 minutes worth of walking. Obviously I will not be able to walk for the rest of the day now.

So the weight loss thing went ok too - just squeaked in with a 2lb loss, which isn't bad considering my poor eating this week - the usual starting off good and descending into a toast filled nightmare by lunchtime. The running was key to this. Next week good eating will be the key.

Distance - 2.5miles
Time - 37;29
neighbours talked to - 1
recognised by how many pple in cars - 1
# pple feeling good right now - 1


back on track

so, after falling off the juneathon bandwagon for 1 day (with a very good non-breathing child excuse), we are back with a 16:20 1.35mile. Maybe it's because I didn't want to leave Pip with his Dad whose expression of terror of being left for 20 minutes with a sick child all on his own did not instill confidence, or maybe it was the rest day, I am plumping with the Galloway Rest Day for my 40 second improvement as I have every confidence in my darling husband.
Anyhow, yesterday was Open Day at the Rec Club where I take the kids to tennis. I knew it was quite big, but when my mouth dropped open in drooling fashion on the way to getting a coffee it was certainly revealing. There were lots of photographs on display and I was basically nose to photo with them ooohing and aaahing. The Photo Club people could see they's caught a live one. So they told me when, how much, how often etc and all I have to do now is convince the darling husband that £25 a year plus club membership (about £35 per year) and freedom from parenting on Tuesdays 8-10pm are the way forward.
I may have roped my darling friend Chappers (Jackie but referred to as Chappers in this house, with great affection ;) ) in as well. Hurrah! I've wanted to do something like this since I was 18, maybe 16. Let's see shall we?

Distance - 1.35mile
Time - 16:20
Felt - great
maltesers eaten - about 10
cleaned up toddler puke - 3 times in different places

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juneathon and excuses

did day 5 of the juneathon yesterday - a 2 mile walk - had a back twinge that I felt would be worsened by running.
I may have to duck out of day 6 because Pip (my 2yr old) is having severe breathing difficulties and I am contemplating taking him up to the hospital. The Dr this morning prescribed anti-biotics and an inhaler, but Pip freaks out so much at the inhaler it's making breathing a 2nd best to hoarse screaming, personally I'd prefer him to put breathing first so may take up to A&E to see if they can help him.


Juneathon Day 3

Another miserable rainy day, but god was smiling on me a little during the school run as it didn't start tipping it down until after I got back.
Major lego relocation took up most of the morning (ongoing lego base site struggles with Sam mean everything has to be done when he's not here) coupled with a bit of tidying and 2 yr old charmer/pain. Bought some suede on ebay for bag making, lets see how that turns out.

Went charring at the scout hut which took all afternoon and came back to chaos as the electricity had tripped and left the house without electricity and the aged grandparents panicking. Calm was restored quickly and tea and biscuits were had.

Running wise it was raining again which meant a trip to Jackies garage gym and the treadmill again.

Distance - 2miles
Time - 27:14
pieces of lego relocated: about 4 million

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Another mile down

took the boys to town today to buy cheap shoes seeing as middle boy had come home from school with the wrong ones and we had no spares.
Having found suitably feet ruiningly cheap shoes and gained a huge headache we came home where I tried desperately to rest on the sofa whilst a lego war waged and a 2 year old jumped on my head.
It's no excuse but the headache didn't go, so I didn't do much apart from containment and feed the tribe.
It was raining later on so I went to Jackies house and ran on her treadmill.
Still have a headache now so I'd better try and sleep it off, hopefully no-one will be jumping on my head this time.

Distance - 1 mile
Time - 12:41
headaches - 1
cross trainer - 10 minutes
level - 20 for 5 minutes
amount of sweat - 10 pints

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8:15am run Ouch

Woke up around 7am thinking about this whole month of running thing coupled with a month of eating sensibly.
Sam must have heard me get up as he shot up like a sprite, just in case i went without him I suppose.
We left around 8:15 once Jackie arrived, to my eternal shame I was jogging and Sam was just walking fast next to me. He's 9 and 4ft6 (or so). But I plodded on and managed 1.35miles in 17 mins 20sec including a 1 minute walking break.
The rest of the day was spent avoiding kids mess, ironing, reading papers, ignoring loud and whiny 2 yr old, forgetting to do dinner on time and watching the 30mins of Baryard that we did Sky+ about 7 gazillion times.

so, totally ripping off jogblog (do go and read)
Distance - 1.3miles
Time - 17:20
combined age of companions - 91 yrs (1x42yr old, 1x40yr old, 1x9 yr old)
# of slower pple passed - 2
# times i wished i'd run in the last 2 weeks - about 54