Another miserable rainy day, but god was smiling on me a little during the school run as it didn't start tipping it down until after I got back.
Major lego relocation took up most of the morning (ongoing lego base site struggles with Sam mean everything has to be done when he's not here) coupled with a bit of tidying and 2 yr old charmer/pain. Bought some suede on ebay for bag making, lets see how that turns out.

Went charring at the scout hut which took all afternoon and came back to chaos as the electricity had tripped and left the house without electricity and the aged grandparents panicking. Calm was restored quickly and tea and biscuits were had.

Running wise it was raining again which meant a trip to Jackies garage gym and the treadmill again.

Distance - 2miles
Time - 27:14
pieces of lego relocated: about 4 million