I didn't realise I had't posted - not that I have a huge audience.

Managed to do some scrapping during the past few days - nothing like a deadline to get my bottom in gear. I've also realised I really want
Cathy Zeilske's new book BADLY. I really dig the simple style and the 8.5 x 11 format. I'll put it on my weighty wish list for my birthday.

Summer holidays have officially started here, which means ferrying the kids, mainly Sam, to various courses and activities that mean they don't drive me crazy. Well actually I love having them home, their play makes me smile - they could make a game out of anything those 2 boys. Sam is totally into making stuff and keeping it nice, Munch is more destructive. We are hoping it's just his age, but the mischevious glint in his eye means I never trust him and never leave him alone with anything unless I'm prepared to face the consequences. He's totally into stickers at the moment and knows where the sticker tin is, so if I were to leave him alone with Pip, for say 2 minutes, I'd come back to find a totally stickered up baby....

Tried to do some gardening today, pretty difficult when the boys are having a water fight and the baby is whining. I decided nothing is worth keeping and I am going to hack it all down. Everything is dead from the lack of consistent rain, I am so glad I didn't buy annuals.

The next 2 weeks will consist of running Sam & Munch to swimming, footie (Sam) & tennis -ah the holidays - don't ya just love 'em!!