Munch turned 4 yesterday. I still remember his birth and what a lovely little baby he was. Smiling at 3 weeks, no hair for a year, a cheeky glint in his eye.

He is turning into a little character. Maybe middle ones do, out of the shadow of an older brother and away from the glare of a new baby brother. He finishes Kindergarten on Thursday and spends some time at his new school on Friday. By the end of September it will be just me and Pip all day. No doubt I will manage to waste time like the professional slacker that I am.

This heat hasn't made me feel very crafty - plus Pip has been more wakeful and moving a bit more. On his little mat today he is bending and kicking his legs - not much longer til a tummy roll I think. He has definitely found his hands and stuffs them in his mouth most of the time.

We had the most fierce hailstorm yesterday, so much so the school was closed and I have had Sam at home for the day. It's been nice and he's a good boy - I probably won't be saying this by the end of the summer but at least I've said it once.

Here is the main man with his brother and his present from us. It's been raining steadily since he got it yesterday - enough said.