Pips hands found each other yesterday, I hadn't noticed as I was busy watching tv and ignoring him as usual...not really I was probably shouting at Sam and Munch when I noticed Pip had both his hands together in his mouth. No mean feat as he usually can fit only one fist in there but I think the constant practise has widened his mouth ready for the double whammy.

He had his jabs too which made him a little antsy but he still slept through last night. I expressed milk last night in readiness for giving him a bottle (I am supposed to be going to Spain for a 40th) I gave Steve the bottle tonight to give to him and to my horror he took to it like a duck to water, it wasn't supposed to be like this he was supposed to make it hard so I wouldn't be able to leave him, so I finished the feed and he was away with the fairies. So now I have to express like the proverbial cow - enough for 1-2 bottles a day plus storing milk for freezer to little Pip does not starve whilst I am away.

Munch still has his rash - it is spreading. I am not sure what it is - he's ok in himself ( a bit more ready to cry but I was thinking that was tiredness). To me it looks a bit like a rubella rash. What do you think?