Jaq has more talent in her little finger than i have in my whole body in my whole lifetime, she deserves to sell her stuff in Liberty's.

I have been doing some creating but don't feel locked into a groove yet. I can really only scrap in short spurts, but as i don't plan anything I generally have to finish in these short spans of time that I have otherwise I lose the feel for it. I don't go back to pieces after time and rediscover them, it has to be now or never which is pretty much how I approach life really - the problem is without planning I start something i am not happy with at the end and I don't have the stuff I want to give me the look I need! Man I sound like John Prescott 9as well as looking like him that's bad news)

anyway - here we are - the latest few creations - I amy not be happy with them but the kids love 'em and that's why I do all this