so this is the conundrum:- I really really want to scrap but it's the holidays and my kids really really want to do things & need attention. By the time I have some space the scrapping bug will have died. What do I do?

I'll figure it out, but you'd have thought at 40 I'd have this whole thing sorted. Who are these women who have spotless houses, smart kids, are immaculately turned out and are so arty they create in their sleep? maybe it's too much Desperate Housewives and their impossible lives but it doesn't do a girls soul any good.

Maybe I can't mutlitask or maybe I can multitask but cannot expect everything to be perfect. I hate living life in a whirl, I want to be controlled and calm - at the moment we are somewhere in the middle!

Had a fabulous weekend at a friends. The kids played with the little toddler brilliantly and it was nice not to have to rush to tennis/gym/footie etc.

Steve has taken on running an U8's football team so we have to add that into the mix now - Sam is over the moon as he loves football so much. They will both be going to our local team regularly now as Sam has a season ticket - 1 kid down and 2 to go!!!

Baby crying - bang goes cleaning the bathroom!!!