I've taken quite a few photos these past few days,

one for me and my best bud for our birthday cake (we share a birthday and a lot of history!)

one of cheap storage from Woolies that i carried home from town whilst wheeling a buggy and keeping the older two close by

some of the Big Picture by Stacy Julian (pages I intend to work on)

and a pic of all the LO's in Cathy Z's book that I love straight off the bat

we should be getting our new (2nd hand)car soon - just finalising finances, I am going to miss the old Polo but it simply isn't big enough for our growing family. I am hoping someone in our family will want it - it's lost such a lot of money over the 4 years we have had it (£5500 in fact) it is almost not worth the hassle of selling. Ours is such a disposable society where no-one wants to keep things for long or want second hand things that getting rid of cars is more of a hassle than is used to be. My father-in-law had an old car he wanted to trade in and the dealer gave him £100 off the price of the new car to NOT trade it in (mind you it was an ancient car - you know what old people are like).