have got me mojo back! about bloody time too.

bought 2 books to help me get into the groove and they've given me loads of ideas. Cathy Z's Clean & Simple : The Sequel & Stacy Julian's The Big Picture - Cathy's book is just sheer joy - full of seemingly simple LO's that I can achieve and Stacy's book whilst on the surface less 'me' has planted so many seeds i am actually writing things down and planning. i have also resubbed to simple scrapbooks - should never have let it slide.

I hope to get some money for my birthday so I can buy some more albums and organise them into categories: Sam, Munch, Pip, Family & Me+Steve. This is such a simple way, then all those 'event' pics where i have lots i will put into either simple 7x5 ablums or themed 8x8's. I think it will give me focus and also help reduce the photo pile.

Must say going back to crops has given me a lift too, nothing like the company of other scrappers to gee you along.

Holidays going ok so far, no riots or tantrums, just slightky messy but generally good times.