Fortunately neither topics in the header relate to myself, more my smallest 2 boys. Pip had his jabs today, being the Rambo tough nut he is he didn't even cry with the first one he sucked up the pain and just cried once on the second jab. What a hero! Now we just have to keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn't react to the shots. He's now full of tetanus, diptheria, whooping cough, HepC (I think)and Hibs.

We went to see and book the venue for the christening, all was cool and fine until we left when Munch burst into tears for no reason. He couldn't tell me what was wrong but when I looked at him he was all red and his arms were covered in a red blotchy rash. I went straight back to the docs and saw a nurse. She suspects a viral rash but we need to keep an eye on him.. I've given him some antihistamine medicine to help with the skin thing.

this afternoon Sam is in an end of year show - so not much time to scrap, but for once thanks to a lady on UKS and her
lovely work I am brimming with ideas.