I have been buying stash and not using it (what happened to my stash diet? who knows??) - but hopefully I will use them soon - they are staples - white rub ons and Queen & Co brads. I got them at A Million Little Things

The weather has been hot, but I still took Sam to footie - we melted but I got a nice shot of Munch by the school wall where they have painted pictures on.

I have been digging about and doing some reading - I love the way
Tara Whitney proofs her pics and I know she uses itty bitty actions. BUT I found something similar mentioned on UKS and downloaded it and used it on the pic above. I love it! it is so funky and really gives the pics a wow factor. It is Peta Mazey's action loaded on the I Love Photography Forum - you need to register and then search for 'Petas Action then when the search string comes back look for the post entitled 'A Quick Action' .

I have bought itty bitty actions before and they are superb (my birth announcement and christening cards were done using her 'announcement' actions, but I didn't want to pay for something I might not use/like so I wanted to 'suck it and see' as the saying goes. I would love her to do her workshop workshop maybe I might get it for my birthday.....