Before I had Munch (and before Sam was here and whilst he was little) I worked for a big company in London. In the City. Well all over really; Angel, Holborn, Aldgate & Moorgate to name a few. I really loved it, didn't mind the mind numbing commute, had a bunch of mates to go out with in the evenings and generally had a blast.

Revisiting today, well not a visit more of an appointment at Kings College for little Pip, made me think how on earth I did it for so long. The packed train (try doing it with an 18 week old baby, not fun), the interminable journey, the filth and dirt everywhere. Parts of London really are unloved.

The people at the hospital were fantastic, efficient and friendly. They gave us the information we wanted in a way we understood. Little Pip charmed everyone he came into contact with and managed 2 inconvenient poops.

We come home and are totally exhausted, London is only 35 miles away and it feels like we've been to Spain and back in a day.