First day this week I have felt human which is lucky as little Pip had one of his 'off' days. An off day is where he does not cooperate sleepwise and stays awake when I want him to sleep. Poor little guy, maybe he just wanted to stay awake and see a bit of the world, but no Mummy didn't want you to do that so she was rocking and feeding, rocking and feeding oh and rocking and feeding (I feed him myself so he can't blow up and pop like an overfilled balloon - don't panic). By the time I'd figured out I would just leave him it was proper bedtime and hubby got him to sleep.

I got the shopping done (first time in weeks) but still didn't manage to get it all put away until just before going to get my hair done. Yes I know it's nothing but me time isn't it, toes painted yesterday, hair done today - if we are going to be destitute I may as well look as good as I can.

My cute photo today is of little one having found his thumb, we don't 'do' dummies here. This little guy sucks his thumb and fingers til he nearly throws up through gagging - not the object of the exercise I feel but he's a little young to be told.