god I feel old, as old as the hills. I am actually sitting here thinking about how the year has gone by so quickly and how nice the garden looks in the sunshine and how I must go out there and do some weeding later on.
Talk about old fogeydom. Man I should be out lunching with friends, knocking back chardonnay, gossiping like nobody's business. I never did that before so I should be making up for lost time.
So, apart from me being about 120 when my baby is 10, all is well. Boys at school, baby asleep, hubby working - me time.

I bought some blank wooden letters in a frenzy after seeing a photo of Kim Heffingtons studio on two peas http://www.twopeasinabucket.com/- (I cannot do the whole word in a link thing - if you can can you tell me how to?) - it had 4 pics framed of a baby holding the letters L O V E - I thought it was the cutest thing so I went and bought LOVE, BOYS and T. It'll probably be best to get Pip holding the letters so I've got to wait a few months til he's sitting up.

I managed to take about 20 out of focus pics this morning of the boys - I hate it when I miss an opportunity - I grabbed the camera in a hurry and the setting were probably all off - you know the sort of thing low ISO, curtains closed but sunny WB setting, kids moving etc. I do get some pretty good shots with the camera (Canon EOS 350D) and i try to use the programme setting as it gives you more control, but as I have never taken a photography class it is all pretty hit and miss. Personally I feel using Auto all the time would be cheating. I would dearly love a new lens that managed my desire for portraiture a bit better but to be honest I'd say that 99% of the duff shots are due to my uselessness rather than the limitations of the lens.

Oh well, weeding needs doing as does tonights dinner, the ironing, feeding baby, painting letters and making MIL's birthday card!