Well Xmas is over apart fom all of the 'additional' food bought that lies half eaten in the cupboard (chocolate, chocolate biscuits, yule log, xmas cake, stolen (who the hell bought stolen?)). We are all feeling a little bit lazy and cabin feverish but unwilling to haul our butts from in front of the tv to do useful and interesting thing.
Hubby has gone looking for a new car seeing as I wrote off the old one by skidding into it in my car in the rain. The poor thing was so old the insurance company would not fix it.
I am going to do our thank you notes now, before time gets in the way and makes me forget.
I am also going to Whittlebury Hall next weekend for an OVERNIGHT stay. I haven't been anywhere without a kid for a min of 2 years, I hope I remember my manners.
I am also off to play with PS Elements - see if I can get it downloaded onto my laptop - my lovely friend Sharon bought it for me for my birthday and I haven't managed to install it successfully yet.