Photojojo has some of the funkiest and freshest ideas for your digital photos. Suffice it to say that I save their mail shots - I delete most other stuff.
So from them this week is this - how to make colouring pages from your photos. Great for the holidays and also birthday cards and thank you cards for younger children. Although saying that I'd be pretty stoked if I got to colour myself in on a card. I'd finally get that pink and blue hair that I wanted.
Oh and how about this - making your own journals from photos and scrap paper - my kind of project again. Fototiller is going on my favourites straight away.

School holidays - a time of spending too much money in sports shops (just got back from JJB £150 lighter) and too much time infront of tv (Ben 10 - cartoon of the moment). We actually go on holiday in August to here - we consider it to be the most beautiful spot in England, you'd be churlish not to agree a little bit.