I needed multiple hot drinks this morning because of a disturbed night with Pip. He woke around 12:30am about 30 minutes after Hubby said to me (and I quote) "He's been very good considering [he had his jabs today and has been arsey all afternoon]". He did preface this with "I want to say something but I don't want to jinx it", I told him not to be stupid and just say it (which he did) and of course he jinxed it. Pip must have heard through the walls and started crying.
I got up and brought him into our bed to see if he'd settle, no way, my fault really as when he was tiny I used to take him downstairs and put the tv on to distract him so Hubby could get a full nights sleep before work (label me a mug and be done with it). Now when Pip has a bad night the only way to calm things down is to watch the Boomerang Network with him.
I was refused a lying down spot on the sofa with the little prince, even though I had brought my own pillow with me, and had to perch awkwardly at a 45 degree angle on the end of the sofa watching 'Robotboy'. Joy.
I woke at 4am in the same position whilst sleeping prince had spreadeagled himself on all the cushiony goodness. I bit the bullet and took him upstairs, placed him in his cot and ran as fast as I could.
Hubby got up with the older 2 boys this morning, but as it was nursery day I got up and showered just in case Pip was going to nursery (he has to be chauffeur driven there whilst his lesser mortal brothers walk to school). We decided that we would not shake the apple tree by taking Pip to nursery, he has a big lump on his leg where the nurse injected the MMR in and it wasn't worth the worry or phone call to pick him up should he geet unhappy.
he doesn't look unhappy or tired from the lack of sleep does he? I do, hence no pic. Oh and I don't believe in wiping faces very often clearly.

So Hubby is painting the kitchen and I am organsing my flickr photos and uploading old ones. I may even sew today but it will be wonky.