Easter 2008
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The pics have a blue cast which means I still have the WB set to tungsten bulb. Nevermind a bit of Photoshop magic and a 28 hour day can fix that.
These are the best of the 30 or so pics that I took, trying to wrangle 3 kids, only 1 of whom has the ability to be sensible for more than 3 seconds at a time, coupled with a husband who was calling the shots thereby making the kids look at him rather than me. The lure of the many eater eggs on the bed also did not help, my steadfast refusal to let them dig in didn't go down too well either.
So with no one photo where the kids are all looking at me at the same time I had to do a freaky photoshop thing and swap out Munchers eyes (that were not looking at me) for some smiley Muncher eyes that were still not looking at me but were generally in the right direction. I like this photo and may even have a keyring made out of it for Steve's birthday. Sad I know but that's all he wants (although he will get a new pair of jeans too as he hasn't had a new pair in about a gazillion years).
We are off on holiday on Saturday, to Eastbourne, let's hope it doesn't snow.