I am posting from my upstairs pc - the one that I loaded a copy of Vista onto for the 2nd time and which now thinks I am all illegal and keeps trying to get me to pay for a new copy of Vista (that ain't gonna happen), but only lets me use the internet for about 15 minutes before going all Big Brother on me.
And I am having to post this from the upstairs pc and not the laptop because the laptop power adapter got fried yesterday. Probably because it's been on permanently since October (how I haven't burned the house down is a miracle), but who knows? All I know is that my ife is on that godamned laptop (Lists & Ideas on One Note and all the photos I have taken (15000 of them) too). I am just crossing my fingers that I have got everything on the external hard drive too, because even though my house is small and there are only 13 stairs to get upstairs, it seems too far to go to back up my photos onto the External HDD every once in a while.
I always tell myself that I'll back up more/organise more/sort myself out more, but at the end of the day there is always a distraction that stops me from doing it, whether it is Pip (2) tugging at my tshirt going 'MumMumMumMumMumMumMum', or Sam (9) fighting with Munch (5) and about to draw first blood etc, or the washing to fold, or the kitchen to clean, or dinner to get, or sewing to do, or blogs to read or more blogs to read. My life doesn't extend much beyond this house and maybe it should and maybe it will, but not before I've found a 'genuine' Dell Power Adapter for the laptop I regret buying but am never off.