I sit here in utter chaos; cars and toys all over the capet, a bag 3/4 finished on the dining table, a kicthen sink full of dishes to be washed and no doubts beds to be made even though it's afternoon.....instead of sorting all that out I am posting videos and having a aggravating telephone conversation with hubby over what shampoo I want! who cares! (well I will when he comes home with the wrong one.

The chaos of the recent snowing in has more or less gone - I think our little bit of where we live was particularly bad as we still have a lot of snow on the ground, but the sun is out and here's hoping that by tomorrow we'll see grass. Mind you there might still be a bit too much snow for that.

following should be a videos of Munch & Sam hurling themselves down a slope that made my heart beat a bit faster - luckily hubby was there to catch him, as his always is :) love him x