The most troublesome member of the household is 3 tomorrow, well he's 3 at 5 minutes past midnight to be precise, but I am not going to be the one to wake him up and tell him that!
We have a small birthday tea for him that involves not much effort from me - cake has been bought, I may hoover.
It's a shame that the enormity of the financial crisis looms over us like Damacles' Sword. No matter how cheaply we try to live, the bills we have to pay do not change, with no money coming in and nothing I can do about it, I wander about the house achieving nothing and just feeling plain sick. I love this house, it's our home, I don't want to lose it.
Being a worrier by nature does not help matters. My fretting which leads to shouting at the kids and other non specific unfairness of treatment is hard to bear. I sometimes feel that if I just sat still and breathed really shallowly my impact on the world and therefore it's impact on me might disappear for a minute and with it all my worries too.

But I am being overdramatic, we'll be ok, a little poorer but wiser. and anyway, how can I be sad when I have this little guy?

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