There has been a lots of minor complaints and illness buzzing about the place, a kind of domino effect of one person being ill then getting better, followed by another person being ill and getting better etc etc etc Kind of hangs about a bit when you have 5 in the queue.

But it's nothing major and I cheer myself by saying (to anyone who will listen) that's it's a sign of milder weather and Sprin being around the corner.

I love Spring, I love the delicate blooms of the snowdrops, the brassy showiness of the daffodils and I love not having the wear hubby's jumpers all day (I don't have any jumpers....that fit...and I won't spend money buying any that do fit).

I won't post the video here, but please go to Tara Whitneys site and watch the video - it is amazing, gut wrenchingly amazing, it makes you feel like you need to get this done yourself now, without a moments hesitation. In fact if I don't do something like this with my kids this year I will have failed as a parent. Really. It may not be as beautiful as Tara's but it will capture a moment in time with my family. (Sharon - if you are reading this we should do this for you guys too-I can totally use Movie Maker :) ).