not a lot has been going on at home, a few minor catastrophies involving pulled muscles and my general forgetfulness but nothing major (if there was anything major I have forgotten it already or is was so traumatic I have parked it behind that door in my brain that forgets anything more stressful than a fingernail breaking).
I have spent a lot of time putting my better photos into flickr - I am very impressed with this. Most of my pics are private as they feature other children from the football team, but there are some general ones.
I took xmas pics of the boys this morning with their Santa hats on - they were so funny, Sam was horrified that I was letting Pip sit on the dining table. I said 'he's fine, the light is good, let's get on with it'. The pics are cute and will be the basis of my family xmas cards - i will alter them in my adored PS cs and get them printed from either truprint or qoop (an unknown but looks good and you don't have to reupload if you have the pics on your flickr site).
I ordered my new lens, a Canon EFS 28-105mm f3.5-4.5 II USM (or something like that) and as usual despite my prolific research and re-research I doubted myself and my choice as soon as I pressed the confirm button. I basically worry that its zoom won't be long enough, however it will be a good portrait lens. The Tamron 70-300mm lens has gotten good reviews, it's reach will be long enough and it's retailing at £70 which is affordable with xmas present money (money i get not money to spend on kids!) - it will probably be cheaper after xmas too, don't tell husband though - he thinks i am a profligate spender already, but this is the man who wears his clothes for 10 years before he thinks they might be wearing out. Sharon if you are reading this - yes I went to Jessops to try the lens out and no they didn't have it in stock ;)
I wonder sometimes if I overcommit myself - but then there are days when I do nothing at all. This weekend was one of those times when everything happens at once - footie takes all morning, then normally it's tennis but i had to get those sausages cooked for the school party and we were running very late and I had to go help at this KS1 party by 2:30 so we forgot tennis, i was out til 5:30 with the 2 smallest kids helping, then got back to literally 6ft of ironing plus a retype of the Church nativity that i had promised to do last week. Hubby helped with the ironing, although he was reading the paper when I came down after retype saying his back hurt, hmmmmm. I finished the ironing and eventually went to bed. Munch came in our room crying at 1am and a bit later threw up in our bed. Not good. Especially when you have no change of sheets.
This morning was difficult, just so very hard to actually open my eyes (Pip has been up at 5am all week), even though I slept til 8am it's taken til now plus chocolate to get me going. I am far too old for all of this, I love to help it makes me feel useful and like I am not just this paper hungry whore who spends all out spare and not so spare cash on a stupid hobby.
Anyway, rambling is wasting tidying time and my darling hubby is doing the shopping so I'd better find some space in the kitchen for it.