Little Pip has had another cold. The poor little mite has been grumpy for a few days without outward shows of anything at all apart from a tiny little tooth peeping through. 4am wakenings were put down to that. But at the weekend, the snot came. and came. Still coming on Monday. He's lots better now and much more obedient in the sleep department I am gald to say.

Friday held a wonder of delights - the school Quiz Night. I had been before with some friends and had a good time. I laughed loads and argued loads too about obscure questions and probable answers. This time I did much the same except with more alcohol. We came 7th out of 23, as I keep saying to anyone who will listen 'none to shabby' - what a total arse I am.
Sadly the after effects of drinking the alcohol hit me hard on Saturday, throwing into disarray many of the normal Saturday things - me going to footie, me looking after Pip whilst the boys go to tennis, the bigger boys going to Luton footie - I awoke from uneasy slumbers after several attempts at normality at around 12:45. Hubby was downstairs in a maelstrom of disorganised activity trying to plan around my absence, he did brilliantly. After 2 horse pill ibuprofen i started to feel normal, vowing to never let a drop of alcohol touch my lips again.

Sunday saw the crop - lovely to get away from the four walls and look at another four walls, actually got something done and more plans on the way.

no photos, just whitterings today.

I have a flickr account though - user name is toniann, there are lots of photos on there.