I have a book full of avoidance strategies for when I know things really need doing. You know like when the house needs tidying or the lawn needs mowing or the ironing doing. The PC is my main avoidance tool, it calls me siren like when I pass the room it is in (and it's not really a room that you pass, more one that you spot). And here I am again, checking blogs, re-reading forum posts and today I am searching for cheap tamagotchi. Tomorrow who knows what I will be searching for.

We had a decents nights sleep last night and Pip is asleep now after much persuasion. I think he's moved on from his morning naps, but sadly for him I am not ready for him to move on from them. So sleep he will!!

We went for a walk on Sunday - probably ill-advised but never-the-less a walk it was. My photos are rubbish but here is one anyway - they posed for this, I so hate poses.