It was a gorgeous morning today - lovely soft blue sky, brilliant autumnal light, Hubby even went and got a Santa hat out of the loft for me as I was planning a Xmas photo of the kids to send in the as yet unmade Xmas cards.

Little Pip had been up since 6:30am so by the time I was ready to think about taking pics he was so screamy and cranky he had to be put to bed. That was 10am and it is now 1:40pm. Methinks one tired little Babba.

So the clouds have come, one kid at tennis then off to watch footie, one kid downstairs on a mission to eat until he explodes, one kid asleep about to get a rude awakening. Gotta say though, mucho better than yesterday - ugh it was a horrid whinging day (and that was just me).

I have decorating plans, well not decorating as such, more corner improvement. I like all the colours we have on the walls here but have never really like how we've put up the pictures and mirrors. I always thought Hubby had staunch views on what was on the walls so never ventured further, however, after a brief conversation with him about it I discovered he could not give two hoots about what I do as long as it's not expensive (this last bit was unspoken but obvious). So me & the Pipster are off to Ikea next week to fufill some dreams.

It's 1999 and Tiddly is 16 weeks and getting his first experience of the pants machine, note his suprised expression. And look at me! don't I look the boss-eyed dream?