Not sure what was wrong with Pip today, whatever it was made him sob really heartily whilst waiting in the queue to pay at Matalan (I may have expensive taste but that doesn't extend to actually buying expensive things!). And it really was sobbing, not crying or whining, but as my friend Ruth would say, big ploppy tears and sad eyes - not a good look on an 8month old.

Things did not improve and it was a long day for both of us. I didn't get much done and I hate days like that, especially when my plans for the previous day were thwarted. Kind of makes me feel a little trapped & tied down. But it's no-one's fault, 99% of the time I get to do what I want so I should just suck it up for the 1% when the kids take the lead.

I keep wanting to take advantage of what little good light is left in the day and take a few xmas piccies (i have xmas bootees and hats and stuff) - I try to send out photos to family who never see us (all my side, none of whom have even asked how Pip is doing since I sent out the birth announcement, perhaps the evil parents have got to them). This will have to be a weekend job as I need the santa hats from the loft and the boys home during the day.

Gym tomorrow followed by ironing and crafting for sure, even if just a few xmas cards.

Hmmm boring boring post, will make up for it tomorrow by gathering some really bad jokes together ;)

the view out of my back window this afternoon