I can remember a time when we used to refuse to answer the door and hide from the doorbell. These things still happen but generally only to door to door double glazing salesmen (why do they knock when they can see us in all our white pvc glory?)
Last night was a bit of a Halloween let down really, Tiddly was out with the Beavers getting bored on a scary walk in our local and very dark at night park & Hubby was out firstly at footie training and then straight to the football match. So it was me, Munch and Pip against the world in terms of general Halloween excitement.
One thing I didn't do, that in retrospect was mean and rotten, was get a pumpkin. Every year since Tiddly was tiny I've carved a pumpkin and put it in the hall. This year I thought - 'oh I shan't bother seeing as Tiddly is out' - what about the two other little people in my house? don't they count? Luckily for me they are generous, forgiving and totally didn't realise I hadn't done a pumpkin (well I'd drop down in a dead faint if Pip mentioned I hadn't done one and that I was a meany seeing as is only 8 months old).
So we saw in Halloween with about 10 door knocking and lots of sweeties given away by the Baby Darth Vader. He feels he misses out on so many things being 3 years younger - it's hard for him to accept that he is still too little for a lot of this stuff.
I made some buttons out of Makins Clay and my Cherry Arte stamps last night - the first ones were rubbish but later ones were getting funkier and funkier as time went on. I will def make more, esp as the imprinting using the stamps is such a good idea. I bought some tiny cookie cutters from Tchibo and they should make some wicked Xmas tree decorations. I might get the boys involved to make a 2006 decoration and we'll keep on doing it each year to see how far we get.

I've discovered a site called Action Central where you can get really deeply cool PS Actions that funk up your photos big time. The first pic os the original and the second has had Urban Acid applied to it - love how it treats the colours of Pip's coat.
I am still very into reading Alicia Paulson esp as she sets up lovely little photoshoots of her home. I'm almost ordering from Cath Kidston every time I read it.