Christmas has now come and gone. We await the New Year in these 'limbo' days where things are supposed to get done and there is nothing but old films on the tv.

Christmas was lovely, but we did not seem to have time to enjoy it. Christmas Eve was full of going to Church and helping with the Nativity play, then rushing back to get all the jobs done - we didn't finish til midnight. Christmas Day - Church again as I had to do the reading, then rushing back to get the dinner on and lay the table and tidy up and, and, and... The whole of

Christmas Day was about me and Hubby working hard - we were exhausted by the end of it and rightly so. Kind of takes the gloss off of it really and for the first time ever hubby said that maybe one year we could go where someone would do all that for us. I will cling to that for the future!

Not many piccies taken - the light is so bad and the flash is so harsh. I used my tripod though which I am pleased about. It is very cool, especially as it was so cheap.

Other hot news - not only in the past month (well since 16th Nov actually) has Pip cut a tooth, he's now onto his 4th tooth, he started crawling on the 20th Dec and yesterday at my friends he pulled himself up into prime cruising position. Now he's learnt this new skill he's determined to do it everywhere but mostly in his cot (bad bad bad news) and in the bath (dangerously bad news)

and rather charmingly on his little chair that I should not be letting him use, but probably will til he knocks one of those little toothy pegs out.I very much doubt now that I'll ever do any scrapping again til he reaches 4. Happy Days :)

Marja (such a bad influence) has tempted me into trying knitting - she is knitting the cutest things, so I want to knit too. Despite not having knit since I was about 13 I am going to get this new magazine that is out and try - maybe it will stop me from eating choc? seeing as both my hands will be full????????