so why am i on here?

I have been goofing off for a whole hour, I am an expert in the field of goofing off or as we Brits like to say 'an expert slacker' - it's a field that I perfected whilst working and have successfully carried it over into my non-working life. I could represent my country in it and I am training my oldest son to be an expert as well (he goofs off on Club Penguin and Neopets, whilst I am a successfull craft website slacker).

I now have these (unused but in-waiting)

and I have some of these babies too as an early mothers day present (plus one is a bday pressie for a friend), they look so pretty I could not resist forcing Hubby into buying them from here.

must go scrape some dirt from places downstairs so it looks like i have been busy at some point today :)