oh the wonder of paper crafting! (Roman soldiers costume made from construction paper and foil) - this is all paper honestly!

not a lot has gone on this past week or so, Pip is still waking up at ungodly hours and we've had one or two horrific nights. Tiddly and Munch are fine, getting a bit tired as is usual towards the end of a term.

They both had parents evening last night, Munch did really well and we are very pleased with him, Tiddly seems more disruptive in class and less inclined to try very hard. So much so he now has to sit on his own on his own table so he does not distract the other pupils. I think he's so ashamed of this he got very worried and stressed and woke up with a big headache this morning. He's home now, not sounding very ill at all, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and make him work this afternoon.

Had a crop on Sunday which was productive, got some journal pages finished from Pip's year book and started on the journal pages for this years book for all 3 boys. Plus I started this big football mini album for Tiddly which is basically a football record of his day at Luton Town FC.

Munch went to his first proper birthday party whilst being at big school, he had a blast. He also got to take Mr Dog home for the weekend which was fun, although the responsibility got a bit much at times.

I got two lovely Dolly Beads for Mothers Day, not a suprise as I'd stayed up late on Friday night to order them as they went up on the website, it was like a 'virtual' feeding frenzy - as Jaq was loading them up they were being snapped up. Word to the wise - don't take your time choosing - dash & grab,baby, dash & grab.