i should be asleep, I've not had an unbroken night for a gazillion years. Ok for 2 weeks. Pip is the high priest of the 2am wake up. My nighttime stategy for him is to get the little blighter into bed then run like billy-o. We don't go in and adjust the covers . We don't go in and check he's ok, we know he's ok and know from experience that any false move and the beast awakens.

Normally he stirs a little around midnight - my normal bedtime crawl - i tiptoe anxiously in our very creaky cheap floor boarded house trying not to lighten the slumber so he squeaks. My Hubby tried to mend the squeaks once. What a disaster. His version of mending was to just hammer nails into the floor til no more squeaks, Ignoring squiggles drawn on the floor by the plumbers who installed our central heating. The rubbish plumbers who installed our rubbish plumbing. Anyway, it was the weekend that Princess Di was buried and we went to our friends, we came back to our ceiling on our front room floor. Hubby had nailed through a central heating pipe, the squiggles indicated pipework underneath, and water had leaked onto our ceiling to the point of critical something or other and it . Thank heavens we didn't have kids then. Seems like a million years have passed since then (which they have in sleepless nights terms).

More phone love pics - I am the only person in our family with green eyes - sometimes I look at blue eyes so often I forget I have green ones.