you know I had just got Pip up from his nap, you know the nap where I put him down to nap awake and he fusses a bit and then goes to sleep (officially known as a textbook nap) and I decided to feed him lying in bed. It's a hard life being a mum, putting baby to nap for a few hours, lying in bed feeding baby etc etc (don't worry I do stuff, my day ramps up at 3pm when bedlam ensues and carries on until 8pm).
So there I was happily feeding him and he stops and looks up at me. He really examines my face, I see his eyes looking at my eyes then my nose then my mouth. He reaches out and puts his hand in my mouth and feels my teeth, grins a bit and continues fiddling. Then he has a last look at me and smiles.
I have to say that even though he is the most adorable, precious little jewel in all christendom, when he just looks at me like that with that knowing smile my heart just bursts open.
It makes all the hard stuff worthwhile.
Other stuff that makes me a smug mum:-

  • when Munch or Tiddly come and sit next to me on the couch and snuggle into that perfect snug. Where they fit just right but can also see Dr Who too.
  • when they tell me they love my dinners (I am no cook let me tell you)
  • when you can see what you have tried to teach them is working - whether it is a phrase, moral conduct, hanging things up without asking.
  • when you see their real personality shine through and its so different to me or hubby - I always think 'Wow'
  • when someone tells me my kids have behaved when I wasn't there (Tids got a special sticker at Beavers last night for his good behaviour on a walk for snow leopards at the local zoo- only 4 of them in total got them)
  • when they come out of school smiling 'cos they are happy to see me

You see this is my job, my vocation now and I try really hard to do it right. But I do scream and shout, I do get upset with them, I get cross with them, sometimes I don't understand them. At the end of the day they forgive me my faults and love me back. There's nothing like that feeling, nothing in the world.