I am getting quite the dab hand at photographing mini-footballers. Mind you I am lucky that the subject matter is so unutterably gorgeous (I may be a bit biased here). This child breaks my heart every day with those eyes.

I yearn with a deep deep desire for a longer zoom lens now along with the desire for a portrait lens and a tripod and a proper flash. May as well round it up to £1000 eh?!! I have promised these things to myself if I ever manage to get paid work again. Ha! work! paid! never!

Tiddly is at home today after claiming illness this morning - he's been a bit under the weather all weekend so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Had a rough night with Pips, but he seems ok now, thankfully. Lots of household work to do today - we may have guests on Sunday and I'm going all Kim & Aggie on myself.