i am going to use my webcam, i mean it i do.
i thought i would be using it a bit more than i do - which is not at all - but until i can persuade Sharon to get one and Jackie to use hers i don't have anyone to talk to (& Judi has 14 pc's but no cam).

so i thought i'd do some pics of me & my boys at various points. and occassionally pics of my upstairs (as it's not wireless means it only stretches to upstairs). Here's one from today.....

not sure what Pip is looking at but it must be interesting.

Here's one from a month or so ago.......

this was before his 'king of rolling' phase and eating real food - hence his slim physique (for a baby).

He's on my lap as i clumsily type this one handed, grunting, whining and trying to reach papers on the desk. I'd better go defuse the situation with baby yoghurt. Ever smelt baby yoghurt burps? not pleasant, nearly enough to put you off dairy.......but not quite enough :)