well not a personal, 'you've been tagged', more of a johnny saddo borrowing a tag from Marja to make myself look popular. It's like the Mum mafia in the school playground - sometimes I'll chat and gossip and feel included but whenever I hang back and look all alone I'm pretty much left to my own devices. Not sure how I feel about that, but as our US friends would say - that's a whole other ball of wax (or something like that, not being American permits clumsy American metaphor mixing).
So these are the rules:-
List 5 weird things about yourself or your pets.
Tag 5 friends and list them.
Then, those people need to write on their blogs about 5 weird things, and state the rules, and tag 5 more people.

I'm panicking a bit about tagging 5 friends for the obvious reasons. Do I tag Donna Downey, Cathy Zeilske and Ali Edwards - I consider them friends but really in the stalker kind of way as I've only ever posted on Cathy's blog....once....about Suzannah and Trinny (Yeah I hate them). But hey I've posted on Zach Braff's blog - so he's my friend, therefore tagable.

So here goes...

Weird things
1. My cat is so old she cannot lick all her fur and sometimes the fur she cannot reach on her back goes all skanky and I have to trim it. Easier said than done as she's the worlds most unfriendly cat.
2. I eat peanut butter off of a spoon. Better than everything else that just gets tipped in 'Homer- like' straight from the carton into my gob.
3 I don't like big dogs. Not at all. Their slobbery slobber, that whole doggy aroma, that jumping up and sniffing things. And what is worse than a big dog? a big dog whose owner has not control over them and worse than that? A big dog NEAR MY BABY. I'm not too sure about pets in cages either.
4. I love ribbon, especially fancy schmancy ribbon. I have no use for it and the ribbon I use is usually stuff I put on gifts, so it's a total waste of money, but to have it in my possession for even the shortest time fills me with happiness.
5. I must iron every single thing in the ironing pile, I cannot leave it or it plays on my mind. I cannot wear anything unironed or put my kids in anything unironed. But it takes me days to put it away so I generally have little hillocks of ironed clothes dotted around various bedrooms.

who am i going to tag? well
Audrey for sure, perhaps anam if she doesn't mind me tagging her, ummmm I'll have to do 'dream tags' as I don't know anyone else to ask so it's gotta be the wonderful Zach and the inspirational Cathy and finally the amazing Tara.

Totally cheated I know but hey ho.