it was Pip's Christening yesterday and also my birthday.

What a fabulous day we had! The service was lovely even though I was a bit cross at the vicar only telling me it was a joint Christening late the night before. There's not a lot of seating at the Church and we were bringing 45, couple this with 30 from the other party and the congregation I could see a bit of squashing going on. Coupled with me dearly wanting a sole celebration of my special little boy I was fuming a bit (as my friend Judi will tell you).

Anyhoo, it all went well (apart from the other family taking our side of the pews and a lot of our people having to sit on their side). Father Grantley did a memorable service and it was very special for all of us. This was Steve's family Church when he was growing up, a lot of his family are interred in the graveyard and Steve & I are the only ones who continue going regularly to the Church so they are like our extended family - the congragation know us all very well and were so happy to receive Christopher.

The party afterwards was good as well, well it had better had been because it cost a fortune! Food was good, weather was divine and company fantastic.

As a birthday it went quietly, focus was on little Pip afterall, but I got some marvellous and probably undeserved pressies and lots of stash money :)