last week was a good week - full of different things and although hectic it was fun too.

On Monday I reactivated my gym membership and on Tuesday we went swimming, putting little Pip inthe creche. All went well if a little rushed when I realised I had 1 minute in which to get dry, dressed and downstairs to the creche (they don't like lateness) - I was there in 3 minutes - not bad for a tubby lass.

On Wednesday we took Sam to school - his first day in year 3!

Thursday and Friday have completely passed me by but it was probably more taking Sam to school and coming home and trying to tidy up.

Saturday was Sam's first proper football match, and what a stonking game it was. Full of hard tackles, missed chances, passion and committment - all this from a team of 7 year olds !!! Sam didn't play like his normal self - it may be he had a bit of stage fright, but some of them were fabulous. We won 7-2.

In the evening we went to watch Sam swim in his first swim gala - it was actually time trials. Poor little guy I think he was everso nervous - these are big events with a big audience and loads and loads of swimmers. Luckily he had his older cousing looking after him and his Uncle was one of the judges (we think he was a block judge as he spent all his time at the starting end). Sam was only entered into one race - backstroke) and did very well considering he was swimming in the 8's category he was probably the youngest swimming in that category and he didn't come last although he bashed into the lane a few times and slowed up looking for the finish.

Munchers teacher comes on a home visit today, need to scrape some of the muck from various surfaces and pray that Munch doesn't do anything stupid.

oh i wish i were really as slim as that appears!